May 1, 2010

Batrisyia's 5th!

My little girl turns FIVE this year! She told me she wanted a Mermaid theme party ever since last year. That is the price being a mom whose job is a Children Party Planner :P She has seen so many of the parties that I had planned and organized for other children that it seems ridiculous to her if she couldn't have one of her own.

Actually, I already bought some of the items earlier but didn't know if I have the energy to organize one. But her TokSu insisted and said she wanted to cook and bake for the party. It was quite a short notice and just a small gathering of close family whose staying nearby. Normally I would have arranged for some party games but since there's only 2 toddlers attending, I decided that it was a grown up get together instead :)

Sharing with you some of the pictures taken as a kind reminder of memorable and beautiful moments spent with close ones...

* HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.. 2X
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to BATRISYIA...
Happy birthday to you...

* Blowing the candles with the 'Ooohh..." and "Aaahh...."

* Her wishes came true indeed...

* Our own little mermaid!

* The birthday group minus Tok Uda and Tok Ram who came later

* I wanted the mermaid's image to actually resembles Batrisyia with china doll black hair!

* The themed food spread

* The Seahorse favors

* The cupcakes with mermaid food picks

* My version of a Mermaid Party Mix :P

* Open Shrimp Sandwiches

* Thank you TokSu for the delicious food and desserts! Honestly, they're really nice despite your earlier comments :P

* TokSu, Chik and Pak Ayie. Too bad Aunty Yazmin and Pak Ngah were not around :(

* The Toks: Tok Andak, Tok Uda and Nanny Uda

* Tok Ram, Tok Uda and Uncle Syam engrossed in reading and conversation it seemed

* Kak Nisa, Aunty Ha and Uncle Zul

* Uncle Effei tried to look busy coz sadly Aunty Nadiah couldn't come and accompany him

* Second Cousins- Batrisyia and Puteri

* TokChik Rosni & Batrisyia

* Nanny Andak & Puteri

* Uncle Syam & Aunty Fida representing TokChik Syidah's family.
Too bad you guys couldn't make it :(

* Baby Adam in trendy spiky hair do!

* Big brother Danish in diving mode

* TokSu & Trisyia

* Chik & Trisyia a-la Moulin Rouge..
Uncle Fahimi should see this live :P

* Posing mood

* Present time